26th October 2023, 10.30-12.00 (Brussels time)

Despite increased discussions and activities on complementary pathways into protection into the EU in recent years, one issue has emerged but rarely been discussed: the secondary movement of beneficiaries of complementary pathways.
While the secondary movement of asylum seekers is well-known, the secondary movement of beneficiaries of complementary pathways raises a number of important questions regarding
  • target groups and their aspirations;
  • programme set-up;
  • reception and integration;
  • remedial action.
As complementary pathways expand and multiply, this was an apposite moment to consider this important issue.


10.30 Welcome Fiona Kendall, FCEI, COMET lead partner
10.35GreetingSara Bortoletti, Policy Officer, European Commission
10.45Panel 1 - examples from Italy: humanitarian corridors; secondary movement of minors
Moderator:Dr Torsten Moritz, CCME, COMET partner
Speaker:Giulia Gori, FCEI, COMET lead partner
Speaker:Elena Rozzi, INTERSOS, COMET partner
11.05Breakout/plenary discussion
11.15Panel 2 - measures to tackle, mitigate and avoid secondary movements
Moderator: Dr Torsten Moritz, CCME, COMET partner
Speaker: Marius Manda, Associazione Frantz Fanon, COMET partner
Speaker:Yagoub Kibeida, Mosaico, COMET partner
11.35 Breakout/plenary discussion
11.45Final reflections from panellists
11.55Concluding remarks
12.00 End
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