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Synergizing diversity
Harnessing the functionality of different local experiences
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Comet Mob2
Maximising participants' integration potential
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COMET: COMplementary pathways network

An interlocking system of legal channels for migration into Europe.

The starting point is the need for international protection – but COMET participants will be viewed through a wider lens in order to be matched to the programme and location best adapted to maximise their potential and eventual contribution to a host society.

COMET partners are seeking through experience and practice to develop a blueprint for Europe; tools and quality standards for matching, pre-departure orientation, reception and post-arrival support; to build capacity for host communities and to deliver 130 new European admission places for participants. Careful monitoring and reflection through dialogue, materials and structured exchange will enable COMET partners to build on lessons learnt and provide a basis for continued advocacy to expand legal migration.

COMET pathways will:

Facilitate enrolment in European universities and schools

Enable safe and legal family reunification

Support new and existing community sponsorship programmes

Expand humanitarian admission

Migrant voices

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Coordinate different types of complementary pathway for persons in need of protection

Create 130 further admission places for persons in need of protection along the Central Mediterranean Route

Exchange good practice across diverse models, experiences and contexts

Develop a matching system based not only on the need for protection but also participants’ geographical and familial links, skils and integration potential

Develop common tools and quality standards

Build capacity for participants and host communities

Latest Lesson learned

To maximise the potential for successful outcomes, targeted support may be needed to address cultural gaps.



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Implementing the pathways


Feb - Dec 2022
Meeting with relevant Ministries at national level

Meeting with relevant Ministries at national level

formal agreement/MoU in 6 countries

Jul 22 - Dec 23
Interviewing, identifying and matching

Interviewing, identifying and matching

Deliverables: personal files of potential participants, personal matching files

Jul 22 - Dec 23
Visa procedure

Visa procedure

Deliverables: Visa printed

Jul 22 - Dec 23
Pre-departure orientation

Pre-departure orientation

 Deliverables: pre-departure orientation attendance record, pre-departure modules

Aug 22 - Oct 24
Common post-arrival orientation

Common post-arrival orientation

Deliverables: 10 thematic meetings for beneficiaries x 4 times, 9 thematic meetings for host countries x 4 times


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