COMET partners are present this week in Geneva at UNHCR’s Annual Tri-partite Consultations on Resettlement (ATCR). Drawing together hundreds of representatives from states and civil society across the globe, it is a key opportunity for multi-stakeholder exchange, for honest appraisal of admissions challenges and for sharing good practice and innovation. The Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy, Forum Réfugiés and, of course, UNHCR itself will be contributing – and listening attentively.

COMET is part of the global ecosystem of admissions programs. Its civil society partners support the key principles and objectives set out in this year’s NGO statement, key amongst which are additionality, equity and partnerships. Innovating and expanding should generate a net increase in admissions places rather than sit within existing quotas. Support for refugees should not be characterized by inequities in terms of target groups, processing and reception. Managing migration well depends on strong partnerships from across sectors and strengths. In its own way, COMET embodies these principles. How much greater is the challenge to implement that at a global level.

During the ATCR’s opening session, Mustafa Alio, representing the ATCR Refugee Advisory Group, stated, “The mark of true leadership and strength lies not within our ability ignore the suffering of others but to acknowledge and face it, and to do everything in our power to alleviate it. We refugees seek more than existence: life. We seek more than sympathy: action.”