In the province of Turin, two 18-year-old boys from Darfur, hosted by separate families (one of whom was interviewed here), are pursuing a vocational education after successfully passing their third year middle school exams. A milestone celebrated by their foster families.

Both boys arrived in Italy when they were 17 years old with Pagella in Tasca which is one of the programmes participating in the COMET network of legal pathways facilitating a new start for people in need of international protection. Mahyadine was welcomed into the household of Wanda, her husband, their two older daughters and a peer. Similarly, Ala Adine found a home with Davide’s family, including his wife Beatrice and their two daughters, Francesca and Chiara.

After finishing middle school, Mahyadine is now apprenticing in woodworking. For the next three years, he will attend this course which includes some apprenticeship to help facilitate access to employment.

Ala Adine is now pursuing a course in industrial mechanics and he is acquiring the technical expertise to excel in this field. In addition to his studies, Ala Adine is also nurturing his artistic side by exploring his creativity through drawing and photography.

Despite their initial challenges such as minor misunderstandings and the need to build trust, both families note the youths’ growing adaptation and commitment to learning. Mahyadine and Ala Adine’s dedication to their studies and their respect for their teachers helps exemplify their resilience and the value of education. They are more serene, cheerful and confident.

Mahyadine and his family

Ala Adine’s paintings