The annual Consultations on Resettlement and Complementary Pathways[1] (“CRCP”, formerly ATCR) brought together a panoply of key stakeholders in Geneva during the first week of June 2024. Amongst the 95 civil society organisations and 5 UN agencies represented were four COMET partners, FCEI, MPIE, Forum Réfugiés and, of course, UNHCR Italy.

UNHCR’s latest assessment[2] estimates that global resettlement needs rose by 20% in the last year to 2.4M. The need to grow and expand pathways such as those operating in the COMET network could not be clearer and, indeed, the theme of this year’s CRCP – “Solutions in Action” – pointed to the importance of concrete initiatives.

Migration is a field in which multi-stakeholder collaboration is vital and the CRCP represents a rare opportunity for actors from across the globe – and from diverse parts of the sector – to meet in person. This year’s CRCP, co-chaired by UNHCR and Australia, saw engagement by 26 governments, including a number of countries not previously represented. Also on the rise this year was the number of representatives with lived experience. The Refugee Advisory Group now plays a vital role in the planning and delivery of the CRCP, a perspective often lacking in other such gatherings.

The CRCP provides an excellent opportunity for the sector to showcase models of best practice, share challenges and to be inspired by innovation. This year was no different. A packed programme ensured a focus on topics as wide-ranging as balancing urgent and protracted situations, combatting negative narratives, AI and digital transformation, travel documents, private sector partnerships and scaling skills-based pathways. In a lively panel moderated by Prof Jennifer Bond of the GRSI, FCEI’s Fiona Kendall offered the Italian perspective on “named sponsorship”, highlighted this year as a promising practice in the field. For the first time, a plenary session was dedicated to the particular challenges faced by the LGBTQI+ community, as well as the supports which are in place in some countries.

In another first, over 100 delegates got together at 7.00am on the last day to form a group of “Sanctuary Runners”[3], an initiative established in Ireland in 2018 to bring together locals and newcomers as part of the solidarity-through-sport movement. If you look closely at the photograph below, you’ll spot some COMET partners there too!

Quote of the week came from the founder of Sanctuary Runners, Graham Clifford, who said the following:

“I’ve never met a refugee who wants my pity but I’ve met plenty who want my respect”.

Perhaps something for all of us to ponder in what is proving to be a significant election year…

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